The Challenges

BMW R100 Engine rebuild by MotoHero isn’t going about business in a typical Thai fashion. We’re used to seeing rolling art from SE Asia—but usually based on domestic market bikes, for obvious reasons. K-Speed does cater to the locals, but obviously has a thing for working with rare German boxers too.

This latest build is a cafe racer take on a 1981 BMW R100 and it ticks a lot of boxes. The subframe has been chopped in favor of the requisite racer’s tail, hoop, and humped leather seat. Suspension upgrades at the rear and a revised front geometry deliver stance, and the front cowl and matte black finish portray a sinister intent. While I’d rather see some more reliable rubber, K-Speed’s predilection for Firestones certainly complements the classic cafe racer aesthetic.

With bobber and brat Beemer builds already under their belts, we can’t wait to see whether K-Speed go tracker or scrambler on the next one.

Project Information

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